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Add a fun surprise for your guests on your big day by adding one of our add on packages!

*special requests due to dietary restrictions, vegans or vegetarians may be subject to an additional fee based on the increased cost of ingredients and the sourcing of those ingredients.



Sparkling Wine Welcome Station

Make a statement welcoming your guests while they mingle before your ceremony! Invite them to enjoy a glass of sparkling wine from our very own Becker Brewing Company. This server manned station will be available to your guests near the ceremony site 1 hour before it begins. There will also be seasonal fruit to add as a garnish!

1 Hour Station

Fruit & Cheese Wedding Party Platter

Will be served an hour prior to your ceremony to help start your celebration and settle some nerves before you walk down the aisle! This package includes your choice of one of our hard ciders or sparkling wines, strawberries for garnish, assorted cheeses, fresh in-season fruits, and gourmet crackers.

Meat & Cheese Wedding Party Platter

Will be served an hour prior to your ceremony where you and your wedding party will get in some last minute bonding before your ceremony. This package includes a growler filled with Becker Brewing Company’s most popular microbrew, assorted cheeses, gourmet crackers, and assorted cured meats.



Champagne or Wine Toast for All Guests

For Over 21 Guests & Sparkling Juice for Under 21 Guests

Wine Placed at Each Table

Price depends on which wine you’d like, please contact wedding coordinator for details.

Upgraded Liquor Bar Package

Bacardi Rum, Bailey’s, Boodles Gin, Captain Morgan, Crown Royal, Dewar’s White, Jack Daniels, Jameson, Jose Cuervo Gold, Maker’s Mark, Tito’s, Southern Comfort

*Included in the Destination Experience Package

Domestic Beer By The Case

Is domestic beer more your style? You can buy cases of domestic beer for your wedding to make sure everyone is accommodated for! Whatever isn’t used that was purchased will be able to be taken home with you that evening. This is in addition to your two craft beers. Must be handled by bartenders at all times.



Premium Coffee Station

Add a twist to your coffee and tea station to make things a little more fun! This package includes two flavored creamers to add to your hot beverage, assorted gourmet cookies, nutmeg & cinnamon, whipped cream topping, and a tea variety with fresh lemon wedges.

Welcome Drink Package

Welcome your guests to your ceremony with a refreshing drink featuring fresh in season fruits from Becker Farms. This package includes 1 water, 1 lemonade, and 1 tea selection (based on season). You will have unlimited welcome drinks for one hour prior to your ceremony start time. Please contact a wedding coordinator for more details as well as flavor options.

1 Hour Station

Water Flavor Options:
-Classic Cucumber (Sliced Cucumbers)
-Citrus (Orange, Lemon and Lime)
-Fresh Fruit (Fresh in Season Fruit, Mint Leaves)

Lemonade Flavor Options:
-Classic Lemonade (Lemon)
-Fresh Fruit Lemonade (Fresh in Season Fruit)
-Becker Farms Lemonade (Fresh Mint, Basil and Rosemary)

Tea Flavor Options:
-Classic Iced Tea (sweetened or unsweetened)
-Citrus Iced Tea (Oranges and Lemons)
-Iced Apple & Honey Tea (Apples and Honey)

Interactive Popcorn Station

Looking for a creative favor to offer your guests or even a late night snack for your night owls? This Interactive Popcorn Bar will wow your guests and leave a lasting impression! You can even personalize the stand! This package includes a rustic set up, server manned station to help guests, two seasonings to add to your popcorn, unlimited pre-made unseasoned popcorn for 1 hour, candy toppings and decorative popcorn bar.

1 Hour Station; $100 Minimum

Custom Sundae Bar

Add a little variety to your dessert options with this Custom Sundae Bar!

Comes with Caramel, Chocolate and Peanut Butter hot sauce toppings, peanuts, whipped cream, chocolate curls and sprinkles.

Your Choice of Ice Cream or Apples!

The Ice Cream flavors include Chocolate and Vanilla. We scoop it and you top it!

The Apple flavor would be one of our very own Becker Farms apples grown right here! A fun and unique twist on apples. We’ll slice up an apple for you, then you’ll be able to choose which toppings you’d like to add.

1 Hour Station; 75 Person Minimum

Soft Pretzel Station

Need a little pick me up after dancing the night away? Add our Soft Pretzel Station, we promise no one will expect it!

This package includes soft pretzel twists, Honey Mustard, Nacho Cheese and Caramel dips!

1 Hour Station; 50 Pretzels

Campfire Food Package

This is the ultimate late night food package and fits perfectly with your end of night campfire! Food will be displayed at your campfire for 1 hour or until food is consumed. This package includes nachos & cheese, pizza bites (cheese & pepperoni), buffalo wing dip with crusty french bread, and asiago & artichoke dip with flatbread.

1 Hour Station; Serves 25 Guests

Campfire Beverage Package

Be sure to hydrate after the fun evening you’ve had! This package includes 12 bottles of water, 6 cans of Coke, 6 cans of Diet Coke, and 6 cans of Sprite served on ice at your campfire.

1 Hour Station; Serves 25 Guests

End of Night Campfire

This is by far the best way to end the evening. Enjoy a late night campfire on property with your own private campfire pit and your close family and friends who have made it through the evening with you. This package includes set up, all campfire supplies, and clean up. The best part, YOU GET S’MORES! Includes Hershey’s chocolate bars, marshmallows, graham crackers, chocolate covered graham crackers, 5 toasting sticks all wrapped up in a basket. S’mores supplies for 25 guests.

90 Minutes

Donut & Cider Dessert Station

A tasty addition to your desserts!

Your choice of Cold or Hot Becker Farms Apple Cider* along with an assortment of our ever popular homemade donuts. This station is a 1 hour station that will be set and displayed after dinner with a rustic theme for your guests to enjoy alongside their desserts.

*Homemade Becker Farms Apple Cider not guaranteed when station add-on booked May through August.

1 Hour Station; 75 Person Minimum

Fudge Favor Station

What better favor to give your guests than Becker Farms Homemade Fudge? This package includes a server manned station where the server will be cutting the block of fudge in front of your guests, your choice of three flavors of fudge, and white favor boxes.

1 Hour Station; 100 Guest Minimum

Fudge Flavor Choices:
Chocolate | Vanilla | Chocolate Walnut  | Chocolate Peanut Butter | Maple Walnut
Orange Creamsicle | Cookies-n-Cream | Chocolate M&M | Snickers | Butterfinger
Heath | Caramel Apple Pie | Penuchi | Pumpkin Pie | Strawberry Cheesecake

Wagon Ride Transportation

You and your guests staying overnight in our accommodations? We have your transportation to and from the cabins with our wagon ride! One scheduled ride from cabins to venue and one scheduled ride from venue back to cabins at the end of the night. Rain or shine!

Arbor Decorating

If you’d like for us to decorate your arbor for you to get married under, there will be an additional cost starting at $85.00. You must bring in all supplies for us to decorate with. We highly recommend hiring a florist, decorator, or family member to do this for you. Please reach out to a coordinator for details.