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Amanda Vizcarra
Director of Hospitality

Amanda’s hospitality experience started with her own wedding in 2006 as the first wedding ever held at Becker Farms. Equipped with what she learned in creating her own wedding at the farm she sought to provide the best experience to her guests. Then, a young bride, Amanda wished she had had more guidance and service in the days before the wedding to allow her to enjoy each moment of the day. It is around that notion that the mission of Vizcarra Vineyards Weddings was formed: To provide each couple with exquisite service, guidance, and atmosphere from the moment they step on the grounds through the last dance.Since then, Amanda went back to school for Culinary Arts and Hospitality to continue her education. She has worked in large scale sporting events, including 5 Super Bowls, a Stanley Cup, and more. She is an ordained minister, an adjunct professor at the Niagara Falls Culinary Institute, and is the owner of Press Vineyard Retreat.

Nicole Denzel
Executive Chef

Nicole earned a degree from the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu, Las Vegas. After graduation she worked at Buffalo’s infamous Hutch’s Restaurant for a year, before working a catering job in NYC doing craft services for large scale concerts and events. 8 years ago Nicole started at Becker Farms as head server. She slowly worked up the ranks of the kitchen. Due to her dedication and passion for culinary arts she has achieved the roll as Executive Chef and now oversees all food production at Becker Farms.

Elizabeth Shaffer
Banquet Manager

Elizabeth has nearly a decade of experience working and managing all types and sizes of events from weddings to baby showers to corporate gatherings. Having started her career in events as a server and working her way through the ranks, coupled with 12 years in the customer service industry, Elizabeth has developed a passion for meeting and exceeding couples’ expectations for their perfect day. Elizabeth has also worked in several large sporting events, including the Super Bowl, and is an ordained minister.

Tanya Castor
Event Coordinator

Tanya fell in love with coordinating at a very young age. While her mother was a babysitter, she would organize the young children with the day’s activities. Whether it was playing school or house or even assisting her mother with babysitter duties, she would always be organizing and directing the fun! As Tanya grew, so did her communication and customer service. It started first with becoming a dance teacher, then it progressed while working in retail and then again in legal administrative work. With organization and professional communication as her strong points, Tanya soon realized coordination was where she shined! Being a hopeless romantic as she was, naturally Tanya fell in love with weddings and events. Tanya received her certificate of completion from New York Institute of Art and Design in Wedding and Event Planning. With the need to see people happy and focused on the fun instead of the stress, Tanya’s goal at Becker Farms & Vizcarra Family Vineyards is to have the best quality customer service for you and your event needs. She strives to provide an experience that will surpass what you had originally imagined and deliver an event where your guests ask you to host again and again!