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Have a question about the catering packages available to you at Vizcarra Vineyards? Check out our frequently asked questions below. If you still have any questions regarding our catering packages feel free to contact us!

Do you provide a tasting of the menu we selected?2018-08-13T02:17:52+00:00

We conduct a food tasting in the Fall and Spring.

Do you charge for that tasting?2018-08-13T02:18:52+00:00

A reservation is included in your overall price. Tastings are complimentary for 2 guests. Additional guests may be added at $10/guests (maximum of 2 additional guests).

Can we change the menu as our number of guests increase or decrease?2018-08-13T02:20:42+00:00

Everything is due 3 weeks prior to your date which will be final. No changes can be made after this count is submitted.

What additional gratuities are suggested?2018-08-13T02:21:32+00:00

You can tip at your own discretion.

What are the overtime charges?2018-08-13T02:22:26+00:00

You will be charged $250 per each extended hour for your rental. If you wish to extend your bar package with that, that will be an additional fee as well.

How many guests per waiter?2018-08-13T02:23:33+00:00

1 per 25

Will we receive separate food, service and rental bills?2018-08-13T02:24:32+00:00

Everything is on one bill that you get you will see broken down on your event document.

What do you charge for setup?2018-08-13T02:25:34+00:00

It is all included in the ceremony and facility rental prices. Decorations that are brought that need to be physically adhered to the structure or anytime we are asked to get on a ladder you will be subject to additional charges. All items need to be provided to us, out of its original packaging and grouped by table number. Unexpected time consuming decorations that are brought in outside of simply being placed on tables are subject to additional service charges to cover the extra labor hours.

What is included in setup?2018-08-13T02:26:26+00:00

We set tables and place items out on tables that are brought in and accounted for prior to your wedding.

How involved will you be?2018-08-13T02:27:38+00:00

We are all involved. Making sure your day runs smoothly is important. There is a team of staff that you will be meeting before your event. You will have a coordinator and head server that will be with you for your event.

What is the educated estimate for the final bill?2018-08-13T02:28:43+00:00

We will work on an estimate with you throughout the entire process. Your final invoice will be provided 2 weeks prior.

Can you do vegan meals, kosher meals, and kid meals?2018-08-13T02:30:19+00:00

We can not accommodate Kosher Meals. We do vegan and kids meals.

What is the price for each of those meals?2018-08-18T21:10:04+00:00

It depends on the menu selected from our catering packages.

Do you provide a tasting of the menu we selected?2018-08-13T02:32:39+00:00

We conduct a food tasting in the Fall and Spring.

Can you give us a list of food allergies that may be in our selected menu? This way I can pass this info along to the guests.2018-08-13T02:34:04+00:00

Yes this can be provided by our chef once you submit the kinds of allergies that your guests may be concerned with.

Is there snacks for after dinner?2018-08-13T02:35:16+00:00

We have late night food packages that you can purchase to give your guests snacks later in the evening.

Can we provide our own candy table?2018-08-13T02:36:14+00:00

Yes, you can set it up or we can do that for you as well.

Can you do a special menu as part of your catering packages? Like a grandmother’s recipe?2018-08-18T21:08:58+00:00

Yes; however, custom menus may be subject to additional charges.

Do you do showmanship like cooking food in front of people or flipping food onto plates or serving flaming stuff?2018-08-13T02:38:42+00:00

Yes, for an additional charge.

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