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Have a question about the bar packages available to you at Vizcarra Vineyards? Check out our frequently asked questions below. If you still have any questions regarding our bar packages feel free to contact us!

Can we serve 2 signature cocktails free of charge to the guests along with beer and have a cash bar for other drinks?2018-08-13T01:32:58+00:00

As long as the alcohol in them is included in your bar package there will be no extra cost. If it is not included then we would have to charge extra.

Can we close the bar during dinner and open again afterwards?2018-08-13T01:33:48+00:00

Yes absolutely the bar can be closed for an hour during dinner!

What kind of glasses do you use?2018-08-13T01:34:51+00:00

We have wine glasses and rocks glasses. We also have plastic for when guests go outside and leave the venue.

Do you make Call Drinks?2018-08-13T01:36:14+00:00

Yes we can make call drinks.

Is there a corkage fee?2018-08-13T01:40:15+00:00

We do not allow outside alcohol.

Do you use top shelf, premium, or super premium liquors in your bar packages? What is the price difference?2018-08-18T19:20:27+00:00

The types of liquor we use depends on the bar package selected.

How do you charge?2018-08-13T01:42:44+00:00

All the pricing can be found in our beverage package and wedding packet. It is dependent on which package you choose, and how many hours you provide it for.

What are the hidden fees?2018-08-13T01:43:32+00:00

There are no hidden fees; everything is included in the estimate, written in your contract, and in your document.

Do you charge a service fee or corkage fee on top of the bar set up fee?2018-08-13T01:45:13+00:00

We do not allow outside alcohol. There will be no extra charges unless you go above our agreed on package and pricing.

Does the setup fee include ice, fruit, soda and juice?2018-08-13T01:47:33+00:00

This depends on the package you choose and is written in the attached document.

If we wanted blended drinks to be served what ingredients and equipment would we need? Do we have to have that set up in advance? Are any of those included in the set up fee?2018-08-13T01:48:38+00:00

Yes there would be an additional cost associated with signature drinks or blended drinks. Price depends on the type of drink you choose.

What non alcoholic beverages are available as part of your bar packages?2018-08-18T19:18:50+00:00

We have Pepsi products, lemonade and iced tea with some juices as part of our bar packages.

What brands of liquor will you serve?2018-08-13T01:51:40+00:00

The brands depend on your beverage package.

Do you serve the vendors such as photographer and musicians?2018-08-13T01:53:00+00:00

We have a special vendor price and if they get to enjoy, that is up to you. Vendors get a 50% discount on food and beverage.

Will you free pour liquor or use pourers?2018-08-13T01:54:24+00:00

The bottles have pour spouts on them.

What about bar snacks?2018-08-13T01:55:20+00:00

This determined by the banquet package your choose.

How many bartenders will we get?2018-08-13T01:56:13+00:00

We supply 1 bartenders for approximately 100 guests. We use our best judgement based on your guest count to make sure we are properly staffed for your event. If you would like to add on an extra bartender you can add one for $75/hour.

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